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Hippotherapy Saddle "Elisa 2"

The Hippotherapy Saddle Elisa 2 is indispensable for subjects with neuromotor disorder, but given its versatility, it can also be used for other diseases. It’s capable of meeting the special requirement of safety and, above all, the correct posture. The Hippotherapy Saddle Elisa 2 is derived from the revision of the prototype Hippotherapy Saddle Elisa 1 made by the Lapo Association in collaboration with Prestige Italia saddlery.


“Elisa” saddle is an English saddle equipped with two leather-covered trapezoidal metal handles, which are inserted in appropriate slots on the tree; one handle is lower than the other so that the larger base can be located approximately at breast level. The handle is easily extractable and has a slight forward inclination and a very particular shape in order to allow:

  • easiness to remove when necessary, i.e.  mounting and dismounting, gymnastic riding exercises, or as soon as possible, although gradually or only partially in the course of the same session, depending on the programme, to get the chance to the subject to hold the reins;

  • to promote a correct seat with shoulder abduction and trunk straightening; its particular trapezoidal form, with the hight larger base up, allows a wide bilateral grip to favour the opening of the shoulder girdle and to prevent kyphotic posture; its slight forward inclination promotes the trunk straightening.


The Hippotherapy Saddle Elisa 2 is modified compared to the previous Elisa 1 in order:


  1. to promote the most correct and functional “seat” in the different neuromotor disorders

    •  shape and setting of seat and cantle are carefully studied to favour pelvic stabilisation in an adequate position, to facilitate trunk righting and alignment while providing a forward position to inhibit extensor pattern and retropulsion;

    • the wide flap has a forward projection so as to hold the knee well, even in situations which require a short stirrup length (as in severe spasticity) to maintain the triple flexion;

    • the sweat flaps are partly covered in Velcro. The blocks are supplied along with the saddle and can be placed on the Velcro parts to best suit one’s needs, thus helping riders in finding the correct position of their leg;


  1. to get greater safety for the subject: a new safety device of the handle is designed in such a way as to prevent accidental extraction of the handle while allowing its rapid release on the part of the staff;


  1. Elisa Saddle 2 is made of extremely soft and resistant natural leather which reduces to a minimum any risk of impact and guarantees absolute safety for the disabled rider.

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Download the brochure and contact "Prestige Italia"saddlery:

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