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Lapo Association, Non-Profit Italian Association of Families, Bodies and Professions against Neurological and Psychiatric Diseases in Childhood and Adolescence, was founded in Florence in 1993 in memory of Lapo, a child, with a short life of disability.

The Association is interested in every initiative of research, of legislation, of social life, etc, that can reduce the trouble and the suffering of people with disability so that it become possible to help the subject and the family in their process of integration. Association promotes, in particular, any social, health care, rehabilitation activity that proves to be particularly attentive in avoiding occasions of marginalisation.

Founders: Prof. Massimo Papini,  Prof. Anna Pasquinelli Dr. Daniela Galli Cantaloni


President of Lapo Association, from 1993 until the time of his dead (2017): Prof. Massimo Papini, Chair Professor of Child Neuropsychiatry, founder and Director of Child Neuropsychiatry Department, University of Florence, founder (1973) and Director of Child Neuropsychiatry University Clinic in Florence; Director (1975/2007) of the Post Graduate School in Child Neuropsychiatry, Director (1999-2005) of the University Master in TR.

President of Lapo Therapeutic Riding Section and current President of Lapo Association:

Prof. Anna Pasquinelli, Associate Professor of Child Neuropsychiatry at the Child Neuropsychiatry Department, University of Florence, specialised in Therapeutic Riding (TR), responsible for Neurology and Rehabilitation. Retired in October 2012. Founder and President (2005/2012) of “Degree Course in Child Therapy of Neuro and Psychomotricity”; Director (2007-2012) of the Post Graduate School in Child Neuropsychiatry; Director (2009-2012) of Child Neuropsychiatry University Clinic, in Florence, Director (2006- 2012) – Coadjutor (2013-now) of the “University Master in TR”; Director (1996-now) of the "Theoretical/Practical Training Course in TR" .



Association has identified theoretical-practical methodologies (know-how) and education/training activities to carry out effective aids of intervention mainly in two areas: a) disability, b) issues emerging by tumors or severe disorders of childhood


Lapo Association has two Sections:

  1. “Section for Study, Updating, Research in Therapeutic Riding and Sport Riding for the Disabled”; Acronym: “Lapo TR” Section; it was founded in 1998.

  2. “The gauze doll” section for training and rehabilitation in the severe and potentially deadly illness of children; it was founded in 2002.





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