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Lapo TR/EAAT Section

(Lapo Therapeutic Riding/Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies)

TR/EAAT National Association recognized at International Level


FRDI/HETI Federation member since 1998


NAHRA Associate member 1999-2011


FISE National Aggregate Member 1998-2017

CSI Affiliated Member since 2018

Education/Training Agency recognised (2004) by the Ministry of Health for continuous education/training in Medicine


Collaboration with the Chair of Child Neurology and Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, University of Florence, for education/training activity and research (1993-2013)


Collaboration with the Chair of the Neuroscience Department, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, University of Florence, for education/training activity since 2013


One of the main goals of the Lapo Association is to promote initiatives of rehabilitation that not have aspects of marginalisation but favour in the child a positive experience with regard to his/her own body, own image, and own possibility of movement, as well as, if possible, is source of pleasure, play, and relationship with the others.

As Therapeutic Riding (TR), currently referred to as Equine-Assisted Interventions (EAIs) or Equine Facilitated Interventions (EFIs) or Equine-Assisted Activities and Therapies (EAAT) for individuals with special needs, complies with these requirements, Lapo Association promoted and supported numerous initiatives related to development (since 1993) and, above all (since 1995), to technical scientific study in TR and education/training of TR Therapists/Instructors in Italy in collaboration with the Chair of Child Neurology and Psychiatry (CNP), Postgraduate CNP University School, Neurosciences Department of Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, University of Florence.

This is the way the “Section for Study, Updating, Research in TR and Sport Riding for the Disabled” (LRE Section - Lapo TR Section) was founded in 1998.

Lapo TR Section has its own Steering Committee which answers to the Association in order to the purposes and economic-financial aspects.

It is composed of Professionals, Organisations, and TR Centres of the Italian territory; some of these TR Centres are accredited by the University for Education and Training in TR (University Master in TR).

Lapo TR Section has the purpose to promote and perform the TR study, research, scientific and educational deepening in therapy (hippotherapy), re-education/learning by means riding, vaulting, leisure, and sport to lead neuromotor, psychological, relational benefits and social integration.

This TR extensive activity has been carried out at the National and International level and has resulted in the National and International recognition of Lapo Association as an Italian reference point for TR.

At National Level, recognition by FISE (Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports National) as National Aggregate Member from 1998 to 2017 and participation in the activity of FISE TR Department (2004-2008; 2015-2017); recognition by CSI (Italian Sports Center) as Affiliated Member since 2018.

Snce1993 collaboration with the University of Florence, Chair of CNP, and, since 2013, with the Neurosciences Department for research and education/training activity in TR.

Since 2003 convention with the Faculty of Medicine and after 2005 up to now Official Partner for the organisation and training of the University Master in EAI/TR.

At International Level Lapo Association was recognised as National Representative Member for Italy, Federation Member, by FRDI (The Federation of Riding for the Disabled International, currently named HETI) since 1998, and as Allied Member (1999-2011) by NAHRA (North American Riding for the Handicapped Association currently named  PATH International).

The President of LRE Section was a member of FRDI Medical Committee (1997-2009) and Journal Committee from 2000 to 2006:


In 2014 Lapo Association was recognised by the Ministry of Health  as an Education/Training Agency for continuous education/training in Medicine


In 2015 Lapo Association was a partner with registration on the ECAS (European Commission Authentication Services) portal of the proposed Erasmus+ Project to the EU, on the EAI “South meets West in excellent EAI: creating a European coordination agency for the students’ exchange and the information sharing in the sector of EAI”. Coordinator: Research Group “Animal care”, VIVES University College, Belgium; Partners: Italy: Associazione Lapo; Spain: AEDEQ (Asociación Espanõla de Equinoterapias); Germany: VHReV (Verein für Heilpädagogishes Reiten e.V.), Greece: TRAG (Therapeutic Riding Ass. of Greece). Lapo Association was appointed as in charge and coordinator of the research on the development of “Evaluation tools” in EAIs.


In 2018 Lapo Association was Supporting Organisation of the XVI International Congress of Equine Facilitated Programmes, Dublin, 25-29 June 2018.


Since 2019: Lapo Association is partner of the UE Erasmus+ Project on the EAI “Best Practice in Equine Facilitated Interventions-Education. Coordinator: Suomen Ratsastusterapeutit ry, Finland; Partners: Italy: Associazione Lapo; Belgium: HETI; Ireland: Festina Lente; Poland: Polskie Towarzystwo Hipoterapeutyczne. L’Associazione Lapo è stata scelta per la sua lunga esperienza formativa svolta anche in collaborazione con l’Università, stante le tuttora poche esperienze internazionali di formazione universitaria in R.E.

Lapo Association has been primarly chosen for its long training experience also performed in collaboration with the University, as the international TR University training experiences are still few.

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